Automotion Warranty

Warranty that works

Warranty that works

Quality and dependability are no doubt the main reasons why you chose to purchase your vehicle.

All modern vehicles are designed and built to extremely high standards, with the aim of delivering a fun and carefree driving experience.

However, over time some mechanical and electrical components of your car may wear and in some cases could fail and need replacing; leaving you with an unexpected repair bill.

You can now have peace of mind with an Automotion warranty, which will limit your exposure to large repair bills for up to 3 years, leaving you to enjoy your new vehicle.

Automotion takes over when your manufacturers warranty expires, or has already expired, and covers cars and commercials up to 4.6 t GVW.

We really have got it covered

Replacement vehicle hire is available, up to a value of £60 inc VAT per day, (maximum of 7 days). This is for major repairs, with a labour time in excess of 8 hours. Cover is available 24 hours after a valid repair has commenced (see terms and conditions).

Overnight accommodation or rail fares, up to £100 inc VAT, when a vehicle repair has been authorised (see terms and conditions)

Vehicle age and mileage eligibility

Automotion has three levels of cover. Eligibility is determined by the age and mileage of the vehicle at point of sale, with unlimited mileage thereafter. Choose a repair limit which best suits your needs.

Cover Level Gold Silver Bronze
Vehicle Age 0 - 10 years 0 - 10 years 10 - 15 years
Vehicle Mileage 0 - 100,000 0 - 100,000 100,000 - 150,000
Type of Cover All Mechanical & Electrical Cover Listed Components Drivetrain Cover
Individual Repair Limit*
Vehicle Purchase Price
Total aggregate repair limit for all warranties is the vehicle purchase price.
*Repair limit example

An individual repair limit of £2,000 would mean that with a car costing £7,995, you could make any number of repair, up to a total aggregate of £7,995. However, no individual repair can be for more than £2,000.

N.B. Repairs for Multimedia unit (inc Sat Nav), with a Vehicle Purchase Price repair limit, are capped at £3,000.

Main Features

  • Day One cover
  • No excess to pay
  • We pay the repairer directly, no repair forms or pay and reclaim when using our approved repairer network
  • Pays for genuine parts, labour and associated consumables (oil, anti freeze, air con re-gas)
  • Use any franchised dealer or VAT registered garage (prior authority required)
  • Unlimited mileage for failure of covered parts
  • The majority of vehicle makes, up to 5000cc, are covered (taxis and driving schools are excluded)
  • Any period of 3 to 36 months is available, top up any balance of your manufacturer warranty
  • Gold cover includes wear & tear on covered parts, where the repair is made at less than 70,000 miles
  • Warranty priced by engine size, 4 x 4’s and turbo at no extra cost
  • Automotion is transferable to a new owner, when vehicle is sold privately
  • Up to 60 days warranty cover when abroad (EU only)

Levels of Cover

Gold Cover

Covered Components
Engine Compartment Internally lubricated parts of the Engine, Differential and Gearbox (Manual and Auto)
Dual mass flywheel
Cylinder head and gasket
Timing belt and chain
Starter motor
Engine management ECU
Ignition system
On board computers
Engine control sensors
4 wheel drive unit
Fuel System Fuel injectors and pump
Fuel pump (petrol & diesel)
Fuel injection system
Throttle body and potentiometer
Clutch and Brakes (exc friction material) Clutch centre plate, cover and fork
Clutch pressure plate, release bearing
Clutch master and slave cylinders
Brake calipers
Brake wheel cylinder
ABS modulator, pump and sensors
Brake master cylinder
Brake servo unit
Hand brake lever
Steering Power steering rack and pump
Electronic power steering motor
Steering column and lock
Steering rack and pinion
Wheel bearings and cylinders
Electrics and electronics Sensors and senders
Solenoids and switches
Fuse box
Park Assist
Reverse sensors
Doors and windows Door locks and electric mirrors
Central locking actuator and motor
Electric window regulator and motor
Wiper motor and washer pump
Exhaust Gas System Catalytic convertor*
Lifetime sealed DPF unit*
EGR valve
Oxygen sensors
Manifold inlet and pressure sensor
Cockpit (Factory fitted items only) Multimedia unit (inc Sat Nav)
Radio/CD/DVD player
Touch & TV screens
Alarm system
Air bag system (unless deployed)
Cruise control
Remote coded key
Seats and seat belts
Sun roof gears and motors
Heating & Cooling systems Heated screen elements
Radiator and fan motor
Heater matrix and fan motor
Heated seat system
Water pump
Thermostat and housing
Air Con Compressor
Air Con Condensor
Suspension Shock Absorber
Coil spring
Drive shaft
Lower Wishbone
Anti-roll bar link
Track rod end
Suspension arm/ball joint
Self levelling system
*Catalytic convertor & Sealed Lifetime DPF units are covered for failure at up to 70,000 miles

Silver and Bronze Cover

Covered Components Silver cover
As Bronze but with addition of:
Bronze cover
Engine Compartment Turbocharger
Engine management ECU
All Internal Mechanical Lubricated Parts of the Engine
Cylinder Head Gasket
Timing Belt and Chain
Dual Mass Flywheel
Auto & Manual
Torque convertor
Four wheel drive transfer box
Internal Mechanical Lubricated Parts of the Gearbox & Differential
Clutch (excludes friction material) Clutch Pressure Plate, Master and Slave Cylinder
Release bearing
Fuel System Fuel lift pump
Tank sender
Idle control Regulator
Over-run cut off valve
Throttle potentiometer
Fuel accumulator
Map sensor
Pressure regulator
Air flow meter
Cooling System Radiator
Radiator cooling fan motor
Thermostat housing
Viscous coupling
Oil coolers
Heater matrix and fan motor
Water pump
Air Conditioning Compressor
Power Steering Power Steering Pump
Electric Motor
Power Steering Rack
Steering Box & Idler Box
Driveline (Front & Rear wheel drive) Driveshafts and CV joints
Universal joints & couplings
Universal joint
Wheel bearings
Braking System Wheel Cylinder
Load compensator
ABS Hydraulic Pump & wheel sensors
Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Servo Unit
Front & Rear Suspension Upper & Lower suspension arms and Ball Joints Coil Springs
Electrical System Central locking actuators
Window & Sunroof Switches
Wiper & Washer Motors
Multi Function Stalk Switch
Electric Window & sunroof Motors
Ignition Coil
Starter Motor
Front & Rear Wiper Motors
Flasher Relay

Additional Warranty Options (will incur a fee)

MOT Test Warranty

May be purchased as a standalone product, but only for vehicles under 10 years and 100,000 miles, i.e not available with Bronze cover. Vehicle must have 90 days existing MOT, or be of an age where an MOT has not previously been required. In the event of an MOT test failure, MOT Test Warranty covers specific items listed on the VT30 fail certificate, including lighting, suspension, steering, brakes, seat belts, sensors. Protection is available for the next 1, 2 or 3 consecutive MOT tests.

Repair limit per failed MOT is £750 (£25 excess).

Automotion® Breakdown Assistance

May only be purchased with an Automotion Gold, Silver or Bronze cover, i.e cannot be sold as a standalone product. Automotion® may provide assistance at the roadside or your home; if your car won’t start, has run out of fuel or even for an accident. Automotion® will either get you back on the road, or recover you to the nearest authorised repairer.

  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Home start
  • Recovery to nearest authorised repairer.